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Smart Road Cattery offers semi communal style boarding. Nearly all cats (even those who defend their turf at home) are very happy to mix and mingle and get along well. Remember that it is not their territory and therefore they have nothing to argue about - cats in the wild live in prides and are therefore sociable by nature.

Cats are separately caged for feeding and sleeping at night. They can choose their daily routine and are free to come and go as they please. Cats are encouraged to use the enclosed outdoor play areas during the day, for sun lounging, play or watching country life go by. We have created a pleasant and roomy atmosphere conducive to providing a stress free environment, where cats of all personalities will feel at ease. Cuddles, conversation and individual attention are crucial for their physical and emotional well being – all are provided at Smart Road Cattery.

New Accommodation

We have three new warm and cosy individual runs for those that need their own deluxe accommodation.

Watch this space! We have just commissioned more new deluxe accommodation, incoming 2023!

New Cattery Accommodation.jpg

For the safety and well being of all our guests we require cats to be vaccinated against:

  • Felocell CVRP for Calicivirus

  • Rhinotrachritis (Snuffles)

  • Panleukopenia (Feline Enteritis)

Please remember to bring along your cats vaccination card (for each visit) or if you have misplaced the card, please get your veterinary clinic to ring us. If your cat requires a vaccination booster, please have it completed at least 14 days prior to their stay with us. If your cat does not have a up-to-date vaccination your cat will be required to stay in our isolation unit, this is for the well being of your cat.


We will gladly administer medication and diabetic injections, even to difficult patients. If your pet is on medication for a long term illness, we ask that you see your veterinarian just before any boarding stay. We do not charge for administering medication.


Avoid feeding your pet before transporting and please do not place food in your cats cage during transportation, they could choke.

Up-to-date vaccination card(s)

Medication where appropriate, clearly labelled with cats name and veterinarian instructions

Bedding is supplied. If you wish you may bring a small item familiar to your cat, this should ideally be a small t-shirt or small piece of fleece. Please no large blankets or sheepskins

Provide emergency contact numbers

Bring any special food

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